Dear Colleagues

The Federation of International Lighting Designers, FILD, is an international professional association for lighting designers founded in

December 2014 in Frankfurt am Main by 12 lighting designers and educators of lighting design. In its first year the association has achieved many

of the prerequisites required to ensure a successful future. However, in order to establish the association in the professional world, several major

projects need further development. This requires joint efforts from committed colleagues from all countries to support the association with their membership and their expertise.

Remember, together we can be stronger!

FILD has an information booth at the PDLC in Rome.

Please drop by!

For further information, please go to www. FILD.eu

Alternatively, you can contact us at Email: office@fild.eu

Erwin Döring       1. Präsident

Ruairi O`Brien     2. Präsident

Lightsymposium Wismar 2016


Wir freuen uns, Partner des diesjährigen Light Symposiums in Wismar zu sein. Es wird vom 12. – 14. Oktober stattfinden. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier:

Interview der „LICHT“ mit unseren Vorständen

Im Interview der Fachzeitschrift „LICHT“ erklärten auf der „Light & Building“ dieses Jahr unsere Vorstände Erwin Döring, Ruairí O’Brien und Reinhard Vedder wofür wir stehen und wo die Stärken und Ziele der Vereinigung professioneller Lichtplaner liegen.

Auf www.lichtnet.de/videos und in der aktuellen Ausgabe der „LICHT“ wurde das Interview veröffentlicht.

Light & Building 2016 – Review


I am happy to report that the Federation of International Lighting Designers enjoyed a successful week at the „Light and Building“ in Frankfurt. The inaugural stand presence proved to be a popular meeting point for old and new friends of the lighting design scene. The FILD lecture series “Seeing Light, Understanding Light!” was well attended. The Board conducted several very positive meetings regarding future partnerships with representatives from the lighting industry and other lighting associations. In all a very good weeks work and a big thank you to all FILD members who supported the action.

Ruairi O´Brien – Vice-President