Federation of International Lighting Designers Association – FILD

Twelve lighting designers and professors of lighting design founded a new professional association for the lighting design profession on the 03.12.2014 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

fild_logoThe founding members of the FILD „Federation of International Lighting Designers“ agreed on a documented constitution. This document lays the foundation for a new group of professionals who will represent the interests of professional lighting designers in realizing the objectives set out in the association’s constitution.
The association has set the following objectives:


To strengthen and further the establishment of the Lighting designer as a profession.

To lobby for recognition of academic qualifications for the lighting designer.

To lobby for the protection of title for the professional lighting designer.

To represent the profession of lighting design in the public realm.

To establish a recognized fee schedule for professional lighting designers.

To integrate the fee schedule of professional lighting designers in existing national fee structures for the built environment of member states, such as the HOAI in Germany.

To forge a network with national associations throughout Europe with the intention of establishing a united body to promote lighting design profession internationally.

To support educational programs, organize professional lighting design workshops, initiate international technology exchange, knowledge transfer and to provide a platform for creative dialog among international professional lighting designers.

 To promote professional partnerships with educational establishments’, colleges, universities and professional trade associations.

To promote professional neutrality with regard to the lighting manufacturers and building industry.


The association is internationally open and invites all interested lighting designers to apply for membership. The FILD offers all former PLDA members and colleagues a new and challenging perspective and invites them to apply for membership. For further information see: www.fild.eu Executive Board Members: President: Erwin Doering Vice President: Helmut Angerer


FILD Founding Members in alphabetical order:

Helmut Angerer

Susanne Brenninkmeijer

Erwin Doering

Markus Felsch

Heinrich Kramer

Michaela Kruse

Uli Jetzt

Rudi Neumann-Leimgruber

Ruairí O’Brien

Michael Schmidt

Beate Schulte

Reinhard Vedder


Further Founding Member:

Frank Vetter